Apology from Vietnamese Professionals Society on the hacked VPSKeys software

April 1st, 2010

To all VPSKeys users and all VPS website visitors,

Following the letter from VPS technical group regarding the compromised VPSKeys software package by hackers in Vietnam, we received numerous concerns due to VPSKeys’ popularity among Vietnamese computer users.

As we previously disclosed, on January 22, 2010, VPS technical staff discovered hackers’ intrusion into the VPS website and replaced the original VPSKeys software installation package with an infected package containing malware. Immediately after the discovery we have removed the infected software and patched the security hole on the website. However the technical staff evaluated the situation inaccurately and believed that the intrusion was made just a day prior the discovery. Thus after patching the security hole, the situation was regarded as resolved and we felt no need to disclose the intrusion widely. As it turned out, January 22nd was just the last uploaded malware version, although the original intrusion was long before that. The Vietnamese Professionals Society sincerely apologizes to all of our readers, users, and the community for our shortcoming.

According to an investigation by security company McAfee, hackers intruded www.vps.org site at the end of 2009. Thus to be safe, if you have downloaded the VPSKeys 4.3 package from www.vps.org during the time frame November 2009 through January 2010, we ask that you use an updated antivirus software to scan your computer and remove the malware.

Regarding the safety of using VPSKeys program, McAfee rated VPSKeys as a safe program to download and use. Please see McAfee advisor link at www.siteadvisor.com/sites/vps.org/downloads/17181923/ on this.

The current version 4.3 of VPSKeys on www.vps.org is the safe official version. You can use the following information to confirm the authenticity of the package:

Downloaded size of VPSKeys43.exe package: 1,351,777 bytes
MD5 Checksum of the installation package: 69b6071e1cebf2dc0849e94b4ad7d414
File size of the actual Vpskeys.exe program after installation: 102,400 bytes

The Vietnamese Professionals Society is an organization comprised of volunteer professionals around the world using their time and resource to benefit our community. We protest the malice acts of hackers from Vietnam, and are seeking to cooperate with the authorities and involved parties to investigate the origin of these acts.

Tran Huu Nhan
General Secretary, Vietnamese Professionals Society
Email: contact@vps.org
Web: www.vps.org